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Abrahm Turner was born in the small East Texas city of Mt. Pleasant. Surrounded by an extended family throughout childhood, Turner grew up the youngest of two. Playful but studious as a child, Turner initially began to use writing as a creative outlet in school. Nurturing his love for words, Turner dabbled in writing throughout his academic career. In college, Turner studied creative writing to expand on his love for writing.


My So Called Life, It's My Turn To Speak is a labor of love that Turner has been tinkering with for several years. The story was originally released in a small circulation in 2002. The story has seen a lot of changes since it's debut, from character names to Turner's voice and confidence as a writer. The cover art has also been updated all in the hopes of capturing your heart as Turner continues to share the story of Chris Coldwell. 


"Summer of 16" an excerpt from the life of Chris Coldwell is available now in our store. This short is set during the summer of 1998 and picks up right where My So Called Life... ends. Turner takes you back to an amazing time in Chris' life just before he embarks on his lifelong journey of discovery. Where were you 20years ago. Relive the 90's through Chris' eyes.

Turner is currently working on completing the follow-up to the first novella with an anticipated release in 2019.

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